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Day 18: Fangirling
I’m basically in fangirl mode until I’ve seen the movie at least two times…

“Sometimes you are aware when your great moments are happening, and sometimes they rise from the past. Perhaps it’s the same with people.”

- James Salter, Burning the Days


As Atticus Finch once said, “Take away the adjectives and you’ll have the truth.”

  Anonymous said:
Screw those people. Reading is reading and you know it. Who cares about the opinions of someone who doesn't understand?

I care about their opinion, not because I agree with it or because it bothers me, but because I’m trying to show them that they’re wrong and that they should open their eyes. 


Belief & Technique For Modern Prose

introduce yourself meme: seven songs 

radioactive by imagine dragons [4/7]

I wonder if people who still don’t think e-reading is “real reading” receive all of their messages by messenger pigeon because text messaging isn’t real messaging.