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Hi, hello! I keep seeing these going around a lot (likely because summer is pretty much over), and I felt really left out, so I’ve decided that I’ll do one too. Now, I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave anyone out because I only follow about 260 people, but if I excluded you I’m so so sorry. I made this a four in the morning, and I’m just a girl trying her best. Anyway, here goes nothing! 

People who are pretty good friends with me and other blogs. Friends will be in bold, let’s go:

ivorysorrows, kimpossibooty, fallenforeyes, underthebrightestlights,jefaislafeteavecgatsby, the-manila-institute, music-flow, fearnotthepen, queennagathalets-escape-to-paris.

Now for book blogs, let’s do it (all time faves in bold this time). Also, I know many people do these alphabetically, but I have no patience for that, please tolerate me! 

alittlebookthief, aperfectbookshelf, adventuresonpaper, bookprince, bookmad, booktown, bookphilebooks-cupcakes, countingbooks, cecebooks, didyousaybooks, iprefertoread, noryx-enriquezpaperbackd, paperbackcastlesthebooker, the-library-and-step-on-it, the-book-ferret, theclassicreaderqualityfangirls, partnersinbooks, parchmentsandquills, what-lovely-books, prettybooksfuckyeahprettybooks, fuckyeahyoungadultlit, fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment, noseinabook, teachingliteracy, omfgbooks, escapingintoabook, teacoffeebooks, books-wrote-my-story,duckduckbooks, booksturnmugglesintowizards, booksnmore, yabookers, chris-reads-books, thebookishdragon, beckisbookshelf, solitudeinbooks, ronaldreads, fashion-by-the-book, bluestockingbookworm, isilluminating, islawasserstein, hipstersbook, treesofreverie.

I never really know how to end things, but you guys are awesome, and you really make doing this fun for me. You’re my extended bookworm family, and I love all of you.

-April x 

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